Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was given a challenge today twice on prayer. To pray without ceasing. Prayer should be a constant guard on our lips, hearts, and minds. To help us to meditate on God day and night. Prayer is a powerful way to fight battles, to help others, to learn Christ's way; it should not be used as a last resort.
In Exodus 17 Moses fought a battle by holding up his hands to heaven. Two other men of God assisted him when he grew weary.

I am so thankful for my family and friends who have come along side me when ever I have been struggling, discouraged, or hurting. Through you God has been working in me.

Phi 1:3-4 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy,


  1. Your posts encourage me sister! Prayer is a wonderful thing... Just last night, my sister and I prayed together.. tears and all... It was neat to feel the presence of the Lord! We are far from perfect but through Christ, we can see our slate filled with plague being wiped white with black, bold letters across the clean...spelling: "FORGIVEN!"

    We serve a great and AWESOME GOD!

  2. This one monk said that he was in constant conversation with his Lord and that he never had a "Prayer Time" so to speak but was talking to Him as he went about his day. If only we could be more like that!


  3. Paul gives that command to the church in 1Thess.5:17 "Pray without ceasing."
    Short, simple, and to the point, this leaves no room for excuses. But if we put God and His Word as a frontlet between our eyes, it should be easy to be in constant prayer.
    Thanks, Tito!

  4. I agree with my whole heart... Prayer has helped me a lot the last couple months! =)I guess there are many things that you wish you could change in your past (which I do), but with Christ I begin to see the future... That really encouraged me Tito. Thanks!

  5. No problem Crystal!
    I am working on living Coram Deo,
    that monk btw, was named Brother Lawrence, his book is called "The Practice of the Presence of God".
    He is a monk and so I don't fully agree with all his theology, but he really lived Coram Deo.
    Thanks for the encouraging posts Ceira!

    In Christ,