Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Battle Hymn

I was flipping through one of my dad's books and found this poem by Charles Spurgeon. Enjoy!

A Battle Hymn

Forth to the battle rides our King: He climbs His conquering car;

He fits His arrow to the string, and hurls His bolts afar.

Convictions pierce the stoutest hearts, they smart, they bleed, they die;

Slain by Immanuel's well-aimed darts, in helpless heaps they lie.

Behold, He bares His two-edged sword, and deals almighty blows;

His all-revealing, killing Word 'twixt joints and marrow goes.

Who can resist Him in the fight? He cuts through coats of mail.

Before the terror of His might the hearts of rebels fail.

Anon, arrayed in robes of grace, He rides the trampled plain

With pity beaming in His face, and Mercy in His train.

Mighty to save He now appears, mighty to raise the dead,

Mighty to staunch the bleeding wound, and lift the fallen head.

Victor alike in love and arms, Myriads round Him bend;

Each captive owns His matchless Charms, each foe becomes His friend;

They crown Him on the battle-field, they press to kiss His feet;

Their hands, their hearts, their all they yield: His conquest is complete.

None love Him more than those He slew;

His love their hate has slain;

Henceforth their souls are all on fire

To spread His gentle reign.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm back!! So sorry for the long absence... I have no excuses to offer.
However, I have a request. I have added a button, calling for Christians to COMMIT to pray every Monday, for our Nation. To pray for those who are following the Lord and seeking to serve Him, and for those who oppose Him. There are Many avenues that need prayer, one of which, perhaps you have hear about. The Parental rights amendment is making its way through congress and needs our prayers that it would pass unaltered.

In Christ,

That was my first button, and it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to put it up. Blogger has a pretty good PHD policy, but it is almost not good enough. :P