Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God's sovereignty: over more than caucuses

We attended our caucus tonight, and as we sat waiting to begin, I was wishing you could tell who was truly conservative just by looking at people. I admit, I was feeling pretty timid when my dad and I arrived. I saw one family that I was pretty sure would be voting, if not for the same candidate, for the same principles. Two more families I knew came, but among the 82 people present, I wasn't sure how much of a voice righteousness had.

The caucus was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer. A prayer that surprised me. Not some brag session of America, nor a little ceremony. But a prayer, to a God who gave us our freedom, who has "divine guidance" over every thing that happens here, who's blessing is something to be sought after. And, it was prayed "in Jesus's Name". It's been a long time since I've heard a humble, God-fearing prayer offered in a "secular" event.

God's blessing was on the evening, over everything that happened. From people choosing a conservative presidential candidate, to the passage of Godly resolutions, to not sending the 2 pro-choice women as delegates.

And His Divine care extended to both before we set out, and our ride home... As I was preparing our dinners to go, Dad asked me to switch Tupperware from the tall yogurt containers to something wider. I picked out some sturdy squares and thought nothing more about it... As I was driving home I slid in the drifting snow, and ran into the 3-4 ft. snow-wall on the side, and stuck fast. Rocking the car, backing, gunning; nothing helped. I offered to start digging, and Dad asked me what I was going to use... Yup! My Rubbermaid containers. It worked beautifully! We were out and on our way home in 10 minutes. And just to prove how tender is His care-- I was wearing my wool socks with my tennis shoes because I didn't remember to switch them out for a thinner pair. I don't remember ever wearing woollies with my sneakers before. "His mercies are from everlasting to everlasting"

So while I can't say what God has planned for America in this upcoming election, I know I can rest in complete faith, confident that He is in complete control of every factor of this race.

My God doeth all things well


  1. One good thing about having influence on what happens to our country through prayer is that God can affect the whole country while I can hardly affect my own small corner.
    I'm glad you and your dad participated--and even more glad God put wider Tupperware containers into your dad's mind before the snow-bank incident.
    How much snow now?

  2. Yes, Prayer is a mighty weapon, that is vastly underestimated.

    The snow here keeps blowing around so I can't say how much. But the frost was lovely on all the pine trees!