Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snow: Curse or Mercy?

I've heard several people say that snow is part of the curse, and at least infer that we should not take a great delight in it. Because winter is something that was not in God's perfectly created world before the curse of sin fell upon it, snow is descendant from the evil that has corrupted that perfection.

But I love snow. I love winter. I love the frost that coats every surface with a wild order and design. I love to catch the flakes as they fall and see their intricacies, and find the different types of snowflakes. The blinding glitter across unbroken fields, the trees waking and shaking off their downy blankets, the soft drifts that provide so much fun for families to enjoy together: how can you simply, and coldly, brush it off as a worthless burden that must be viewed as something to be merely endured until the world is burned and remade into lasting peace.

Perhaps the change of climate that brought us winter did stem from the fall of this world from its wondrous state of untarnished beauty. It probably never snowed in that perfect garden. And that was good. But how merciful of God to temper even the results of so dreadful a curse with such glory. The Father did not leave us and all creation to groan alone under the weight of destruction, but He lifted it, placed it on Himself, and left His fingerprints for us to find.

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