Monday, October 31, 2011

Read Away!

As far as material things go, there's not much better than good books. They can carry so much more than a good story. They can plant seeds in the hearts of those who pursue them, lift up a broken spirit, inspire and strengthen weakened courage, mold a soul for eternity. They can hold a treasury of truth.
For some time now I've been looking for good books and building my list (and library). And I'm hoping to attack that list with vim and vigor... and hopefully more method than before. As in not reading the middle first, the beginning to the end second, and the preface last. Since I've already confirmed that these are indeed good reads, I don't have that excuse anymore.
So. Starting tomorrow, November first, I am going to read as many of these books as I can in a year. This is not my complete "to read" list, I haven't made one of those, but this is of the books that are unpacked.

Here goes!

Confessions of St Augustine
The Rare jewel of Christian Contentment
The Art of Divine Contentment
Politics of Guilt and Pity
Politically Correct Death
Thoughts for Young Men

The Search for the Twelve Apostles
Kon Tiki
Bravest of the Brave
The Slave's Champion
Sacred Fire
A Scottish Christian Heritage
Back to the Jerusalem of the East
North of the DMZ
Through Gates of Splendor

Holy War
The Singer

The Song
The Finale
A Symphony in Sand
A Requiem for Love
An Overture of Light
Men of Iron

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